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Betsy Young

In 2003 - 2005 we nga roopu MWWL did a enhancement program on toheroa pingao was what we used as our marker or GPS in the 6 area along Ninty Mile Beach.We had to be a National body and MWWL was the roopu we used.

It was a great excercise and hands on mahi I think everyone who is part of the board should have the oppotunity to do that mahi.

Once that project was completed we continued to just visit Te Oneroa a tohe to see how things were going.

We had the oppotunity to work with James Te Tuhi what an amazing Kaumatua full of knowledge and always willing to share. I learnt much from James Te Tuhi.

I have had the oppotunity to work along side of Ana Bercich and her roopu amazing young people who have the passion to work in the cold and monitoring and collecting data with the help of a scientist.

Betsy  Young
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